About Us

Hartland’s Renewable Fuels Division has grown to become a leader in biofuels industry providing a diverse suite of services. The Renewable Fuels division started as the industry was rapidly developing and knowledge in the fuels industry was in demand. Our team identified existing internal capabilities that could be leveraged to service the renewable fuels industry and began focusing on growing the division within the organization. Today, we offer a variety of services which includes marketing, logistics, risk management, and general consulting services, to the renewable fuels industry.

Our team has more than 100 combined years of experience in the energy industry and are well positioned to serve our customer needs. We specialize in shipping product by truck and rail car. By using a diverse set of third party carriers, combined with our rail fleet and experience with the railroads we can ensure product is delivered as promised, which is critical in the renewables business. We service much of the United States and maintain storage and thru-puts in multiple locations to ensure dependable, consistent supply. Our goal is to provide the flexibility to our customers which allows them to operate efficiently and profitably in what has become a very volatile and dynamic industry. By enabling our customers to outsource specific needs to Hartland, we can provide the expertise that allows them to focus on growing their core business.