Biofuels Solutions

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Biofuels Solutions is the newest division to operate under Hartland Renewables division.  This division focuses on building a downstream marketing business for E-85, biodiesel and other ethanol blends. The Biofuels Solutions division collaborates with those key to the industry to promote and grow blended fuels most efficiently.  We work to identify the best demographic retail locations while analyzing the cost of new infrastructure in addition to offering assistance in securing funding, loads and equipment. Hartland Renewable Fuels is able to offer long term supply commitments to ensure reliable supply. We are focused on providing support services including but not limited to product procurement and delivery, marketing, identification of new customer opportunities and customer contracts.

Identify best demographic retail locations.
Analyzing the retail location and identifying the cost for new infrastructure.
Assisting in securing funding, loads, or equipment contributions to offset a portion or all of the associated cost.

Managing equipment procurement installation process.

Managing logistics for product procurement & delivery.

Providing a long term supply commitment to ensure reliable supply.

Implementing financial hedging programs to create attractive e85 price spreads to gasoline.

Providing continuous follow-up customer support services, i.e. station promotion, education, marketing, identification of new customer opportunities, customer contract, etc.